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Leptiri.hr is an amateur website for nature lovers with photos and information about the species of butterflies and moths in Croatia and their distribution and vulnerability status.

On (hiking) nature trips I collected a lot of photos of butterflies, so one day I decided to share those photos with everyone, and other people who are interested in butterflies started sending me photos. And so I created this website, which I have been maintaining for about 10 years.

If you are also a nature lover and have interesting butterfly photos or any comments feel free to contact me.

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Polyommatus eros - first photos
Eros Blue was observed on Central Velebit near Dabarski kukovi
Hiking in Istria
Two expeditions to Učka and Ćićarija
Spring hiking on Velebit
Easy walk around Baške Oštarije
Butterflies (Rhopalocera)
The division into butterflies and moths is not official, but it is used quite often. Butterflies have wide wings in various colors and fly during the day, so they are very noticeable and therefore interesting to nature lovers. 197 species of butterflies have been recorded in Croatia.
Papilionidae (Latreille, 1802)
Swallowtails are big butterflies of which is in Croatia known only 7 species. One group's base color is yellow with tails on the hind wings while the second group's base color is white with red markings shaped like an eye.
Number of species: 7
[Number of photos: 87]
Whites and Allies
Pieridae (Swainson, 1820)
Whites have white or yellow rounded wings with black spots. In Croatia you can find 21 species.
Number of species: 22
[Number of photos: 232]
Lycaenidae (Leach, 1815)
Gossamer-winged butterflies are small butterflies mostly blue, brown or red on the upper side wings while on the underside have characteristic patterns. It's a large family represented in Croatia with 55 species.
Number of species: 55
[Number of photos: 559]
Riodinidae (Grote, 1895)
Metalmarks are close relatives of Gossamer-winged butterflies and were actually quite long considered as subfamily of Gossamer-winged butterflies. Most species live in tropical America, while in Europe (including Croatia) there is only a single species.
Number of species: 1
[Number of photos: 15]
Brush-footed butterflies
Nymphalidae (Rafinesque, 1815)
Brush-footed butterflies are very different in shape and color. If you exclude browns which are presented separately, in Croatia you can find 45 species of brush-footed butterflies.
Number of species: 45
[Number of photos: 640]
Satyrinae (Boisduval, 1833)
Subfamily of browns belongs to the family of brush-footed butterflies. They are presented here separately because they were considered a distinct family and because of the large number of species. There was 43 species recorded in Croatia. Characteristics of browns are rounded wings of various shades of brown and markings shaped like an eye.
Number of species: 43
[Number of photos: 538]
Hesperiidae (Latreille, 1809)
Skippers look like moths, but they fly by day. They are small butterflies with thick body whose basic color of wings is black or brown. There are 24 species present in Croatia.
Number of species: 24
[Number of photos: 212]
Moths (Heterocera)
There is a lot more moths than butterflies, but are seldom met because they are small, well-camouflaged and fly mostly at night. Croatia has about 3000 species of moths (butterflies only 197). Here are presented more frequent and larger species.
Number of species: 4
[Number of photos: 10]
Hawk Moths
Sphingidae (Latreille, 1802)
Number of species: 10
[Number of photos: 20]
Drepanidae (Meyrick, 1895)
Number of species: 5
[Number of photos: 5]
Geometer Moths
Geometridae (Leach, 1815)
Number of species: 29
[Number of photos: 41]
Lasiocampidae (Harris, 1841)
Number of species: 1
[Number of photos: 1]
Erebidae (Leach, 1815)
Number of species: 15
[Number of photos: 51]
Owlet Moths
Noctuidae (Latreille, 1809)
Number of species: 21
[Number of photos: 27]
Tuft Moths
Nolidae (Bruand, 1847)
Number of species: 1
[Number of photos: 1]
Swift Moths
Hepialidae (Stephens, 1829)
Number of species: 2
[Number of photos: 3]
Burnet Moths
Zygaenidae (Latreille, 1809)
Number of species: 7
[Number of photos: 36]
Miller Moths
Cossidae (Leach, 1815)
Number of species: 1
[Number of photos: 2]
Clearwing Moths
Sesiidae (Boisduval, 1828)
Number of species: 1
[Number of photos: 1]
Twirler Moths
Gelechiidae (Stainton, 1854)
Number of species: 2
[Number of photos: 2]
Grass Moths
Crambidae (Latreille, 1810)
Number of species: 3
[Number of photos: 5]
Plume Moths
Pterophoridae (Zeller, 1841)
Number of species: 1
[Number of photos: 3]
Pyralid Moths
Pyralidae (Latreille, 1809)
Number of species: 3
[Number of photos: 3]
Fungus Moths
Tineidae (Latreille, 1810)
Number of species: 1
[Number of photos: 3]
Leafroller Moths
Tortricidae (Latreille, 1803)
Number of species: 2
[Number of photos: 2]
Butterfly habitats, unidentified butterflies and moths or not present in Croatia
Other butterflies
Unidentified butterflies and moths or not present in Croatia
[Number of photos: 18]
Butterfly babitats
Butterfly habitats and plants that butterflies and caterpillars feed on
[Number of photos: 15]