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Polyommatus eros - first photos
Polyommatus eros
(adult ♂, Srednji Velebit, Jun 2022.)

Eros Blue was observed on Central Velebit near Dabarski kukovi

Only during the subsequent analysis of the photographs was the Eros Blue male (Polyommatus eros) identified. It was photographed on the Velebit Mountaineering Trail on a meadow at the top of Prikinuto brdo near Dabarski kukovi.

Hiking in Istria
Erebia ligea
(adult ♂, Ćićarija, Jun 2022.)

Two expeditions to Učka and Ćićarija

The southern ridge of Učka (peak Sisol) that stretches along the sea is a wooded very rocky and karst landscape with lots of sage and not many butterflies. Ćićarija, on the other hand, has more butterfly habitats that include forests, rare macchia and dry meadows. Due to that, there were many species of butterflies, of which Erebia aethiops was especially numerous.
Photos from Učka... Photos from Ćićarija...

Spring hiking on Velebit
Coenonympha rhodopensis
(adult, Srednji Velebit, Jun 2022.)

Easy walk around Baške Oštarije

This year's first expedition to Central Velebit (Baške Oštarije) passed in sunny weather without wind, which means a lot of photos of butterflies.

Finally warmer weather
Ochlodes sylvanus
(adult ♂, Drava, May 2022.)

With the arrival of spring, early species of butterflies appeared.

Butterflies mostly stay on the embankments facing south. Here are some photos from Drava.
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Brand new website
Parnassius apollo
(adult, Kremen-Plješivica, Jul 2019.)

Welcome to the brand new website!

After about 10 years of using ready-made free solutions for organizing photos, I decided to create a completely new website tailored to make it easier to publish photos and information about butterflies. Already this first version has some new features, and maintaining and customizing the website will continue to be much easier. All photos and information have been transferred from the old website to the new one.

New Year's day on Ravna Gora
Gonepteryx rhamni
(adult ♂, Ravna Gora, Jan 2022.)

Extremely warm weather and temperature inversion woke up the butterflies.

Majority of them were Brimstones. Show photos...