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Terms of use is an amateur website made with the best intention of informing nature lovers about butterflies and moths in Croatia and their habitats.

Errors and misinformation on the website are possible. Identification of some species and subspecies of butterflies is very difficult for amateurs, and even for experts, and for some species it is possible only in the laboratory. The gender of an adult butterfly is also difficult to determine for some species.

The list of butterfly species present in Croatia and their official Croatian names are taken from the works of experts in the field (Šašić, M. & Mihoci, I. (2011): Annotated checklist of Croatian butterflies with vernacular names. Nat. Croat., Vol. 20, No. 2., 425–436, 2011, Zagreb). Data on endangered and protected species are taken from the Nature Protection Act of 2013, i.e. from the Rulebook on Strictly Protected Species and official announcements of competent agencies and associations (Šašić, M., Mihoci, I. i Kučinić, M. (2013): Red Book of Butterflies of Croatia, State Institute for Nature Protection, Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection, Zagreb).

The geolocation data in the photographs are mostly accurate at a few (tens of) meters, and for photographs without this data, an approximate location is given, which can deviate by several hundred meters. Some photos were taken on private properties where entry without notice and explicit permission of the owner is not allowed. Most of the photos were taken in the mountains and visiting these locations is possible only with adequate mountaineering equipment. Visiting some of these sites can be dangerous and is not recommended. Some sites may no longer be available or may no longer exist due to natural forces and processes.

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